Top 10 can be used in four ways to display the popular posts:

  1. Widget: simply drag and drop “Popular Posts [Top 10]” widget into your theme’s sidebar and configure it
  2. Shortcode[tptn_list], so you can embed it inside a post or a page. View details on the shortcodes
  3. Template tags: Use tptn_show_pop_posts() to display the popular authors anywhere on your theme. See the template tags section below
  4. Top_Ten_Query: You can use this for a more advanced implementation. Read more details on Top_Ten_Query

Template Tags

The below functions need to be added by editing your theme files where you wish to display them.

Display the post count with <?php if ( function_exists( 'echo_tptn_post_count' ) ) { echo_tptn_post_count(); } ?>

Display the overall most popular posts with <?php if ( function_exists( 'tptn_show_pop_posts' ) ) { tptn_show_pop_posts(); } ?>

Display the daily/custom period popular posts with <?php if ( function_exists( 'tptn_show_daily_pop_posts' ) ) { tptn_show_daily_pop_posts(); } ?>

Customising the output

Several customization options are available via the Settings page in WordPress Admin. You can access this via Top 10 » Settings

The main CSS classes include:

  • tptn_posts and tptn_posts_daily: Class of the main wrapper div. If you are displaying the related posts on non-singular pages, then you should style this
  • tptn_title: Class of the span tag for title of the post
  • tptn_excerpt: Class of the span tag for excerpt (if included)
  • tptn_thumb: Class of the post thumbnail img tag
  • tptn_list_count: Class of the span tag for post count in top posts list
  • tptn_counter: Class of the div tag that wraps the post count that is driven by the field “Format to display the count in: ” under ‘Output Options’