About WebberZone


WebberZone is home to some of the best free WordPress plugins to help you enhance the experience of visitors to your site. WebberZone is run by Ajay D’Souza who has been a WordPress user from 2003 and a WordPress plugin developer since 2005.

The origins of WebberZone

WebberZone began as a small company in 2004 aimed at providing simple web solutions to individuals and small companies. Over the past decade, we have also provided domain name registration services and hosting. And, we continue to do so.

WebberZone today…

In mid-2015, WebberZone began a new chapter by entering into the world of WordPress plugin development by taking over the plugins originally published on https://ajaydsouza.com

These plugins have been available for free on WordPress.org or via Github and have been downloaded, in total, nearly a million times and are currently being used on tens of thousands of blogs worldwide.

Under the WebberZone banner, these plugins now have a home and a dedicated platform where they grow and reach many more users. The platform provides:

  1. Better organised plugin development
  2. Plugin extensions through free and premium addons
  3. Better premium support to users
  4. In-depth documentation for all plugins and their addons