The WordPress plugins developed by WebberZone are designed to be easy to install and use. All the plugins are designed to work out of the box. However, if some issues do arise, we’re here to help as best as possible!


The first place to look will be our upcoming knowledge base which is being developed to have detailed documentation. This is also a working example of Knowledge Base for WordPress.

Support via Forums for Free plugin users

I offer limited support via the forums specific to each plugin. Support is limited to serious issues only and at my discretion.

For your reference the following are the support forums for the following plugins:

Support for Paid Users

Support for products sold and distributed by WebberZone is only available for those who have an active, paid extension license. You can access our support form here.

Reporting bugs

I use Github issues to track bugs, new features and enhancements. If you spot a bug in any of our plugins, please create a new issue in the corresponding Github repository. Note that, I don’t use Github for support and the most efficient way to receive support are the forums as stated above.

Reporting security issues

If you would like to report a security issue regarding our plugin, please send this email directly to to security AT webberzone DOT com.