Help & Support

The WordPress plugins developed by WebberZone are designed to be easy to install and use. However, if you do have questions, then we’re here to help.


The first place to look will be our upcoming knowledge base which is being developed to have detailed documentation. This is also a working example of Knowledge Base for WordPress.

Support via Forums

The most efficient method to get support currently is via the forums specific to each plugin. For your reference the following are the support forums for the following plugins:

I monitor these forums regularly and it’s the fastest way to get support.

Paid (donation based) support

If you would like paid support, I can do so via email. However, this constitutes additional work as well as the possibility of repeated questions.

Hence, if you would like to receive support via Email please consider a donation of at least $100. This is to help pay for my time versus hiring any outside consultant.

Only after you have confirmed that you’ve donated, you can submit this form below. Please note that submitting the form without the corresponding donation will usually be ignored.

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