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Page counter and popular posts for your WordPress blog

Top 10

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600,000+ downloads and counting

Features overview

Quick install

Installing the plugin is extremely simple. Simply search for Top 10 in your Plugins » Add New screen and hit Install Now.

Find the widget under Appearance » Widgets and drag it to the sidebar you want and the plugin will start displaying the popular posts.

Installing Top 10

Beautiful default display

Top 10 automatically tracks all your posts, pages and custom post types on your WordPress blog. Top 10 comes inbuilt with a beautiful default style and also gives you several options to customise them!

Top 10 Display

Works with caching plugins

Top 10 is fully compatible with major caching plugins including W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, etc.

WP Super Cache
W3 Total Cache

More display options…

If you prefer more control over where the plugin appears on your site, then we have you covered.


[tptn_views] [tptn_list]

Add the popular posts to any post or page with a powerful shortcode that takes a huge list of arguments

Custom CSS styles


You can easily change the display of the popular posts by using your own custom styles along with several options to customise what should be included in the output


Top 10 Widget

Prefer the popular posts in your sidebar or theme footer? If your theme supports it, then just drag and drop


Top 10 API

Advanced users and developers can take advantage of the plugin API to choose what they would like to display

500,000+ downloads and counting

Top 10 is currently being used on 30,000+ WordPress blogs.

And, the 4.6 out of 5 stars rating tells you how much our users love this plugin and here’s some of what they are saying…

I am using top 10 popular list and it is really great plugin.
I used it on side bar, then I wanted it on the top page too.
So I asked a question to Ajay.

“How to make top 10 horizontally?”

Next day, he answered to my question, and started to try and error work together. He never gave up until it was done.

Now I am using top 10 in the side bar as well as in the top page with horizontal top 10 lists.

Thank you Ajay, you are really great person and programmer.


This is without doubt the best plugin for popular posts !! I have used all available but this by far is the best !!

It has an incredible performance and a first author support !!

I needed to do a custom query for a custom post where i will also pull some post_meta and the author informed me the details of how it would be possible !!

For those who have curiosity to see how to make the link:

Grateful for this great plugin !!

Gustavo Viegas

When Top 10 started giving a strange warning to our readers, I wrote for support and the author wrote back IMMEDIATELY, two times. That’s unbelievable to me, for a free plugin.
I’ve searched for a good Most Viewed plugin in many ways, and this is the best one; simple to set up, but tons of options. Thanks!

little sister piggy

I’m running the plugin for a day now and so far, I’m very satisfied. There are a lot of options available, so you can tailor it to your needs. There are also many filters available to customize the behavior of plugin even further. Another big plus is plugin author being active and responsive on support page. Five stars from me.


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