We use Freemius as our partner for everything that has to do with your paid licenses for any of our WordPress plugins. They take care of distribution, licenses, subscriptions, payments, billing, etc.

Purchase license

If you purchase a Pro/Agency plan, you will see Freemius in a few stages:

  • The checkout of your license, including the payment, is handled by Freemius;
  • In your bank account/credit card, you will see Freemius as the recipient of the payment;
  • You will receive a confirmation email from Freemius, including the download link for the Pro version of the plugin, your license key and your invoice.

Manage license

After you have purchased a Pro license, you can manage everything related to that license in the Freemius User Dashboard.

Freemius User Dashboard

The confirmation mail you receive after your purchase provides instructions to create an account at the Freemius User Dashboard. That’s the central place to manage everything related to your license(s), for example:

  • Move your license to a different site;
  • Upgrade your license to a different license;
  • Update your payment method;
  • Update your business details and download updated invoices;
  • Cancel your subscription.
  • View Order History.

Move license to different site

To use your license on a different site than it is installed now, you can deactivate the license.

In the Freemius User Dashboard, go to Websites and select the website you want to deactivate the plugin from. Then click Deactivate. After the license is deactivated, you’ll be able to reuse it on any other WordPress site.

Upgrade license

Let’s say you want to upgrade your current single-site license to a 5-sites license.

In the Freemius User Dashboard, go to Licenses and select the license you want to upgrade. Then select the license you want to upgrade to from the Upgrade to... dropdown. The last payment will be automatically prorated.

Update payment method

Let’s say your initial payment is done with your PayPal account, but you rather use your credit card from now on.

In the Freemius User Dashboard, go to Renewals & Billing and locate the subscription you want to update the payment method for. Then click Update and checkout with your new payment method. The initial payment will be automatically prorated based on the next renewal date.

Update business details and add a Tax / VAT ID

If you didn’t enter a Tax / VAT ID during checkout, then it’s entirely possible to do it afterward. It is often important to have this identifier displayed on invoices you receive after a purchase.

In the Freemius User Dashboard, go to My profile and simply update the billing information.

Cancel subscription

Of course we don’t hope so, but if you want to cancel your subscription you can do that easily.

In the Freemius User Dashboard, go to Renewals & Billing and select the license you want to cancel. Then click Cancel Auto-Renew.

View Orders History

In the Freemius User Dashboard, go to Orders History to view a list of orders that you have placed with us. You can also download the invoices with your business details.