Documentation made Easy

Knowledge Base

The easiest way to create a knowledge base or FAQ section for your products

Features Overview

Simple, clean and easily extendable plugin to create awesome documentation for your products and services on your WordPress site.

Fully Responsive Layout

2-column layout based on the Responsive Grid system

Looks beautiful on desktop, tablet or mobile

Modify the number of columns to display

Supports Unlimited Products

Create unlimited Sections. Each Top level section is a product

Use Second-level Sections to organise articles within each product

Tags help you group content by thematic

Fully Customisable

Change the URL of the knowledge base

Works with any WordPress theme out-of-the-box

Easily override the default templates within your theme

Caching Setting in Knowledge Base v1.8.0

Additional Features and Benefits

Blocks, shortcodes, customisable page templates and WordPress multisite support

Shortcode and Blocks

Use [knowledgebase] or the Knowledge Base Block to display the knowledge base anywhere you want

Page Templates

The default templates display the article and category archives as well as the search results. You can easily override one or more of them by creating your own templates in your theme’s folder

Custom CSS Styles

You can easily change the display of the knowledge base by using your own custom styles

Customizable Permalinks

Archives are enabled so your knowledge base can be viewed at /knowledgebase/ automatically on activation. You can change this in the Settings page


Handy widgets to display articles, sections and breadcrumbs wherever your theme supports widgets

Related Posts

Display related articles on your knowledge base articles


Allow your visitors to search the knowledge base articles. The search form is included in the inbuilt templates and is available as a shortcode and block.

Native WordPress Editor

Compose your knowledge base articles just as you do posts and pages

Full Multi-site support

To Network activate or not? We’ll let you decide. And it works on your single-site installation of WordPress as well.


Default templates include breadcrumbs. Alternatively, use functions or shortcode to display this where you want

Streamlined Performance

The built-in caching system ensures your knowledge base runs smoothly and efficiently

Developer friendly

Knowledge Base has tonnes of actions, filters, and smart coding making it a developer-friendly plugin

Take your product documentation to the next level. Are you up for it?