The Thumbnail options section contains a set of options that allow you to fine tune the thumbnails displayed in the popular posts. These are global settings and many of these can be overridden in the widget or the shortcode.

Top 10 - Thumbnail options

Location of the post thumbnail

You have four options on the best location of the thumbnail – before or after the title, only thumbnails or only text.

Thumbnail size

You can choose from existing image sizes or create a custom size. If you have chosen Custom size (or tptn_thumbnail) in the settings, then enter the width, height and crop settings below. For best results, use a cropped image. If you change the width and/or height below, existing images will not be automatically resized. You will need to use a plugin to regenerate these thumbnails.

Thumbnail width and height

These two options allow you to set the width and height of the thumbnail when choosing a size above.

Hard crop thumbnails

Check this box to hard crop the thumbnails. i.e. force the width and height above when generating a thumbnail instead of resizing to maintain proportions.

Generate thumbnail sizes

If you select this option and Custom size is selected above, the plugin will register the image size with WordPress to create new thumbnails. Does not update old images as explained above.

Thumbnail size attributes

Specify the HTML markup for the thumbnails included in the posts. Choose between no attributes, CSS to set width and height or typical width and height attributes.

Thumbnail meta field name

The value of this field should contain the URL of the image. Find this in the metabox in the Edit Post screen.

Get first image

The plugin will fetch the first image in the post content if this is enabled. This can slow down the loading of your page if the first image in the followed posts is large in file-size.

Use default thumbnail?

If checked, when no thumbnail is found, show a default one from the URL below. If not checked and no thumbnail is found, no image will be shown.

Default thumbnail

Enter the full URL of the image that you wish to display if no thumbnail is found. This image will be displayed below.