The General options is the first section in the Contextual Related Posts settings screen and gives you the main options to configure Contextual Related Posts on your WordPress blog.

Contextual Related Posts Settings - General
Contextual Related Posts – General Settings

Enable cache

Contextual Related Posts has its own inbuilt caching system that is independent of other caching plugins. The HTML output is generated and then saved in a meta key. Enabling the cache is highly recommended as it will massively speed up the loading of your pages after the initial load.

Saving the settings page will clear the cache. You can also do this by hitting the button in the Tools screen.

Automatically add related posts to

This setting lets you control which parts of your site will automatically display the related posts.

If you choose to disable this, please add <?php if ( function_exists( 'echo_crp' ) ) { echo_crp(); } ?> to your template file where you want it displayed.

Display location priority

The plugin filters the_content to display the posts. The filter accepts an integer argument that can be used to specify the order in which the functions associated with a particular filter are executed (default: 10). Lower numbers correspond with earlier execution, and functions with the same priority are executed in the order in which they were added to the filter.

This setting allows you to modify the priority. A higher number pushes the related posts later in the content. Any number below 10 is not recommended.

Insert after paragraph number

Enter 0 to display the related posts before the post content, -1 to display this at the end or a number to insert it after that paragraph number. If your post has less paragraphs, related posts will be displayed at the end.

Disable on mobile devices

Disable display of related posts on mobile devices. Might not always work with caching plugins.

Disable on AMP pages

Disable display of related posts on AMP pages. This is an experimental feature and might not always work as intended.

Delete options on uninstall

If this is checked, all settings related to Contextual Related Posts are removed from the database if you choose to uninstall/delete the plugin.

Delete FULLTEXT indices on uninstall

If this is checked, FULLTEXT indices generated by Contextual Related Posts are removed from the database if you choose to uninstall/delete the plugin.

Show metabox

This will add the Contextual Related Posts metabox on Edit Posts or Add New Posts screens. Also applies to Pages and Custom Post Types.

Limit meta box to Admins only

If selected, the meta box will be hidden from anyone who is not an Admin. By default, Contributors and above will be able to see the meta box. Applies only if the above option is selected.

Link to Contextual Related Posts plugin page

If you enabled this, a no-follow link to the plugin homepage will be added as the last item of the related posts.