Knowledge Base v1.9.0

I’ve released Knowledge Base v1.9.0 and is now available for download/upgrade from the WordPress repository. This version includes a new set of widgets, a brand new sidebar and changes to the included templates.

New widgets

Knowledge Base v1.9.0 - Widgets
Knowledge Base v1.9.0 – Widgets

I’ve added three new widgets in this release. The Breadcrumb widget allows you to directly display the breadcrumb view in a widget. The default templates include the breadcrumb, but if you’re using your own template then you should be able to use this widget if needed.

The Sections widget displays all the subcategories/sub-sections for a particular section (term).

The Articles widget lets you display a set of articles for a particular section. Just enter the term ID that you will find under Knowledge Base > Sections.

The latter two widgets can be used on any page of your site. The breadcrumb only works on the Knowledge Base portion of your site.

Template changes

I’ve added a new single template called single-wz_knowledgebase.php which will display the article in its own template instead of using your theme’s single.php file. This ensures a more seamless visitor experience when they browse through your site.

Additionally, I have renamed the archive and taxonomy templates to archive-wz_knowledgebase.php and taxonomy-wzkb_category.php respectively. The search template remains the same.

All these templates use the new WZ Knowledge Base Sidebar which you will find in Appearance > Widgets. You can enable this under Output. The plugin includes CSS to display this sidebar to the right.

All changes in Knowledge Base v1.9.0

  • Features:
    • Three new widgets added: WZKB Articles, WZKB Sections and WZKB Breadcrumbs
    • New template to display single articles that fits with the rest of the knowledge base views. You can override this by creating a single-wz_knowledgebase.php file in your theme’s folder
    • New sidebar registered by the plugin which can be used to display widgets with the included templates. You can enable the sidebar in the Settings page
    • New option to limit the number of posts being displayed in each category before a “Read more” link is displayed. Customize the read more by filtering wzkb_excerpt_more
  • Enhancements:
    • Renamed the archive and taxonomy templates to archive-wz_knowledgebase.php and taxonomy-wzkb_category.php respectively in line with the WordPress template standards. If you were already using wzkb-archive.php or wzkb-category.php then please rename these
    • Stylesheet file renamed to wzkb-styles.min.css

Download Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin

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