How to show the number of custom post type items in At a Glance

I recently moved all my plugin announcement posts to a custom post type called Announcements. This allows me to keep my blog posts focussed on some awesome WordPress tutorials that I am writing. So, do subscribe to my newsletter to receive them directly in your inbox!

By default, the number of posts from a custom post type doesn’t show up in the At a Glance widget in the WordPress dashboard. I also find that an easy way to navigate to custom post types.

Here’s a custom snippet I use in my mu-plugins folder to display the number of announcements.

 * Add the number of posts from a Custom Post Type to the At a Glance widget.
 * @param array $items Array of items.
 * @return array Updated array of items
function wzn_dashboard_glance_items( $items ) {

	// Set the array of post types to display.
	$post_types = array( 'announcements' );

	foreach ( $post_types as $cpt ) {
		$cpt_info  = get_post_type_object( $cpt );
		$num_posts = wp_count_posts( $cpt );
		$num       = absint( $num_posts->publish + $num_posts->private );

		if ( $num ) {
			$text = _n( $cpt_info->labels->singular_name, $cpt_info->labels->name, $num ); // phpcs:ignore WordPress.WP.I18n.NonSingularStringLiteralSingle,WordPress.WP.I18n.NonSingularStringLiteralPlural
			$num  = number_format_i18n( $num );

			if ( current_user_can( 'edit_posts' ) ) {
				$text = '<a class="page-count ' . esc_attr( $cpt_info->name ) . '-count" href="edit.php?post_type=' . esc_attr( $cpt ) . '">' . $num . ' ' . $text . '</a>';
			} else {
				$text = sprintf( '<span class="page-count">%1$s</span>', $text );

			$items[] = $text;

	return $items;
add_filter( 'dashboard_glance_items', 'wzn_dashboard_glance_items', 1 );

You can also pass an array of post types to $post_types in Line 10 above. I use that for a custom plugin I’ve built using ACF that has multiple custom post types.

The result is an updated At a Glance widget which now shows the number of announcements.

Customise the Icon

By default, a circular icon is displayed, as you can see in the screenshot above. But, if you’d like, you can replace this with any other icon. I like using Dashicons and had picked the megaphone when registering my custom post type.

This code will allow you to add CSS to the admin_head. Change \f488 to the code of the dashicon of your choosing.

 * Add CSS to Admin head
function wzn_admin_head() {
	<style type="text/css" media="screen">
		#dashboard_right_now .announcements-count:before {
			content: "\f488";
add_filter( 'admin_head', 'wzn_admin_head' );

Like this tutorial? Let me know what you think!

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