Knowledge Base v1.8.0 – Introducing caching

I’ve released Knowledge Base v1.8.0 for WordPress. This version includes one major enhancement – an inbuilt caching system. Existing users can update the plugin directly from their WordPress dashboard. New users can follow these simple instructions to find and install the plugin.

As usual, if you’re looking for help or support, please create a new post in the support forums.

Caching in Knowledge Base v1.8.0

You can find the setting to turn on the Cache in General settings page.

Enable the cache in Knowledge Base v1.8.0
Enable the cache in Knowledge Base v1.8.0

When enabled, the plugin will cache the heavy queries for the posts with a separate sub-cache per category. The caching is triggered when you visit the main page of the knowledge base.

You can delete the cache by saving the settings page.

The caching system is highly recommended for large knowledge bases particularly when most articles have been added.

Future enhancements to the cache

I plan to further improve the caching system with options including:

  • A button to empty the cache
  • Disable caching for logged in users
  • Automatically clear a category cache when a new article is added

Any other suggestions are always welcome and you comment below if you’d like to have something added to the plugin.

Download Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin

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