Popular Authors includes a shortcode that allows you display the list of top authors. If you’re not familiar with shortcodes, please read this article in the WordPress Codex.


This shortcode takes multiple different attributes which are all optional, as follows:

  • number : Maximum authors to return or display. Default empty (all authors).
  • daily : Whether daily or overall counts. Default false.
  • daily_range : Daily range for custom period. Default null.
  • hour_range : Hour range for custom period. Default null.
  • offset : Number of authors to offset in retrieved results. Can be used in conjunction with pagination. Default 0.
  • optioncount : Show the count in parenthesis next to the author’s name. Default true.
  • exclude_admin : Whether to exclude the ‘admin’ account, if it exists. Default false.
  • show_fullname : Whether to show the author’s full name. Default false.
  • hide_empty : Whether to hide any authors with no posts. Default true.
  • echo : Whether to output the result or instead return it. Default true.
  • include : Array or comma/space-separated list of author IDs to include. Default empty.
  • exclude : Array or comma/space-separated list of author IDs to exclude. Default empty.
  • before_list : HTML tag before the list. Default <ul>.
  • after_list : HTML tag after the list. Default </ul>.
  • before_list_item : HTML tag before the list item. Default <li>.
  • after_list_item : HTML tag after the list item. Default </li>.