Followed Posts v2.4.0

I’ve uploaded Followed Posts v2.4.0 to the WordPress repository. This has been a long pending update – the last one being over a year ago. Given its relatively low usage, I initially thought of ceasing development. However, a recently very positive review has prompted me to push through another version!

Existing users can upgrade the plugin from within your WordPress admin. If you have questions or need support please do raise it in the support forums.

Caching system

This has long since been pending and has long been a part of Contextual Related Posts and Top 10. This release brings a similar caching system to WebberZone Followed Posts.

You can find the setting to enable the cache under the General tab in the WebberZone Followed Posts settings page

On the first page load, the plugin will cache the HTML output generated by the plugin is cached into a meta key and future visits to this post will just use this meta key to fetch the output. The cache of the post will be cleared if a user clicks a post from this page. I’d like to get feedback on how this works on your site. This works across all post types and can be enabled under the General tab in the settings page.

The cache can also be cleared by saving the settings page or by hitting the Clear cache button at the bottom of the settings page.

Code auto-complete

I’ve included yet another feature that has made it into my other plugins. The Custom CSS setting under the Styles tab has CodeMirror support and allows you to auto-complete the CSS properties as well as basic error checking.

All changes in WebberZone Followed Posts v2.4.0

  • Features:
    • New caching system. The full HTML output is saved in the meta key which should massively speed up the loading of your posts. Clear the cache by saving the settings page or using the button at the bottom
    • Custom styles under the Styles tab now supports autocomplete and highlighting using CodeMirror
  • Bug fixes:
    • Tracker would not trigger in some cases – also now use a minimised version of the file

Download WebberZone Followed Posts

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