Followed Posts v2.3.0

WebberZone Followed Posts v2.3.0 is now available for download/update. Existing users should be able to update from within their WordPress dashboard. As usual, when updating, please make sure that you double check your settings.

New inbuilt style

This version brings a new setting under the Styles tab that lets you select the new inbuilt “Grid thumbnails” for the followed posts.

Grid style in WebberZone Followed Posts v2.3.0
Grid style in WebberZone Followed Posts v2.3.0

In addition to this style, you can also select a “Text only” style or just simply “No styles”.

Selecting “Grid thumbnails” will automatically disable “Show author”, “Show excerpt” and “Show date” settings in the Output tab and set “Location of the post thumbnail” to inline under the Thumbnail tab.

Select “No styles” will set the “Location of the post thumbnail” to the text only option.

Detailed changes in Followed Posts v2.3.0

  • Features:
    • New styles option including a grid style to make your followed posts look more presentable
  • Enhancements:
    • Optimized version of default.png
  • Fixed:
    • Migrate custom_CSS to custom_css – this only happens if custom_css doesn’t already have a value
    • Duplicate entries in “Exclude Categories” settings are removed on saving options
    • PHP notices for show_author and show_date
    • crp_update_option only deletes options when the value passed is null
    • Delete any deprecated settings on save should work properly

Download WebberZone Followed Posts v2.3.0