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Add to All v1.8.0

I’ve released Add to All v1.8.0 and this should now be available for download/upgrade from within your WordPress admin.

This release includes three new features and some code cleanups and modifications. As always, please direct any support queries to the forums.

Reading time

I’ve always wanted a feature to easily display the reading time for posts. It is estimated that the average reading speed of a person is between 200 to 250 words per minute. In this version, I’ve included the ability to calculate the reading speed based on 200 words per minute and then display this in your posts.

You can do this by three ways:

  1. Using the template tag ata_get_reading_time( $content, $args ). By default the content used is the post content of the post being viewed. You can also pass a series of arguments:
    • $wpm: Words per minute used to calculate the reading time
    • $before: Text to display before
    • $after: Text to display after
    • $echo: Whether to echo or return
  2. Using the placeholder %reading_time% in the Settings page in any of the HTML boxes. Likely most effective in the Contents tab
  3. Using the shortcode [ata_reading_time] which also takes a few additional parameters similar to the template tag. You can also wrap a specific part of content within the shortcode and it will calculate the reading time just for that content

Disable Snippets easily

In v1.7.0, I introduced the Snippets Manager. This uses a custom post type behind the scenes and gives you a lot more control on where you want to include snippets. Additionally, it also allows you to use shortcodes to display snippets anywhere in your WordPress site!

This could be disabled under the General tab in the Settings page for those who didn’t want this feature. In Add to All v1.8.0, I have introduced a new constant ATA_DISABLE_SNIPPETS that can be added to wp-config.php to disable snippets. Especially useful if you have WordPress multisite and don’t want this functionality across any site.

Modified date as a placeholder

You can now use %updated_time% as a placeholder similar to title, date and time in the content that is displayed in your site’s Feed.

All changes in Add to All v1.8.0

  • New feature:
    • New constant ATA_DISABLE_SNIPPETS can be added to your wp-config.php to disable snippets. Perfect for WordPress multisite
    • New placeholder %updated_time% to display the updated date
    • New feature to display the estimated reading time. You can use %reading_time% in the Settings page. Alternatively use the shortcode 2 minutes, 8 seconds to display the reading time
  • Enhancements/modifications:
    • Upgraded Settings_API to v2

Download Add to All

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