Add to All v1.7.3

I have now uploaded Add to All v1.7.0 to the WordPress repository. Existing users should be able to update it directly. This is a major release and I’m very excited to announce that this version introduces the Snippets Manager which I hope you’ll like.

As usual, please raise any queries in the support forum.

Snippets Manager

Snippets Manager
Snippets Manager

On upgrading this plugin to v1.7.0, Admins will see a new menu item called Snippets – typically after Posts. Snippets are created using a custom post type with the default classic editor replaced by CodeMirror. This should make it easier to add HTML or JavaScript. Note that this doesn’t support PHP code.

The snippets edit screen also has a meta box as you can see in the screenshot below, that then allows the Snippet to be displayed based on the criteria selected.

Snippets Meta box
Snippets Meta box

You can choose to add the snippet to Header, Footer, Before or After the Content. Additionally, you can choose to limit these to specific post types, post IDs, categories and/or tags.

Changes in v1.7.3

Bug fixes:

  • Copyright placeholders for the feed were not processed

Changes in v1.7.2

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes PHP error introduced in v1.7.1

Changes in v1.7.1

  • Bug fixes:
    • Process shortcodes didn’t work
    • Snippets HTML was added into content were added even when no snippet was found

Changes in v1.7.0

  • Features:
    • New Settings API class to control the plugins settings
    • New Snippets Manager – create custom snippets that can be added to Header, Footer and Content based on inclusion criteria

Download WebberZone Snippetz

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