CRP Taxonomy Tools v1.2.0

Following on the heels of Contextual Related Posts v2.2.1, I’ve uploaded CRP Taxonomy Tools v1.2.0 which brings a new feature contributed by Enchiridion as well as some minor bug fixes including a compatibility issue with the latest release of Contextual Related Posts.

CRP Taxonomy Options

The biggest new feature is the ability to match all the taxonomy terms instead of just one. This is especially useful if you’d like an additional level of fine-tuning in your results. However, it is important to use this feature with caution because mixing taxonomies would result in no results being displayed e.g. in the above screenshot, categories and tags apply to normal posts and wzkb_category and wzkb_tag applies specifically to my Knowledgebase plugin. Mixing these two will result in no posts being found.

If you have any support questions, please do create a new topic in the support forum. Any bugs can be reported in the Github repository.

Key changes in v1.2.0:

  • Features:
    • Option to match by all taxonomies – Contributed by Enchiridion
  • Bug fixes:
    • Filters not working when only taxonomies are being used – Contributed by Enchiridion
    • Activation of the plugin failed with Contextual Related Posts v2.2.x