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Limited plugin support only

Effective immediately, I will only be providing limited support for my plugins. This support will remain via the forums – links here.

Why now?

As many of you know, plugin development has been a hobby for me for nearly 20 years (I released my first WordPress plugin in 2005). This has been my way to give back to the WordPress community.

I have also actively supported the plugins primarily via the forums. However, the past year or so, I have realised I have spent more time in plugin support than in plugin development.

Most of the support has been answering trivial queries – some which could been answered by reading the posts in the knowledge base. There have also been multiple questions on customising the CSS outputs which could also have been answered via posts in Stack Overflow or general forums.

2022 has been a very eventful year for me and my family. We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl in March. Also, unfortunately, it has also not been great for my health, in particular the last month. Additionally, my day job, which pays the bills, has also grown in intensity.

What’s changing?

My plugins have been designed to work out-of-the-box in most installs. Hence, going forward, I’m going to limit responses to support forum queries to only those that have a potential issue with the operating of the plugin. This will totally be at my discretion.

I’ll no longer be answering queries related to custom CSS and customisations. Unfortunately, this requires a lot of time, including research as CSS isn’t my forte.

I’ll also no longer offer paid support, except in rare situations.

What’s not changing?

Plugin development, of course! I’m committed to the development of all my plugins and that is one aspect that will not stop. There are multiple issues that need resolving which also includes several new features that will come in the next several months/years.

I also plan to spend a bit more time documenting the plugins better. While the knowledge base is functional for most common queries, I’m conscious that it is still limited for more advanced questions.

I am conscious that this decision to only offer limited support might be disappointing for current/new users. I’m hoping that users will not abandon my plugins, especially because I will continue their development. I’ll leave comments open below should you have any questions.

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