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Knowledge Base v1.7.0

I’ve uploaded Knowledge Base v1.7.0 into the repository. This version of my Knowledge Base plugin adds some new features and fixes a minor bug.

You can upgrade the plugin from within your WordPress dashboard. As always, redirect any support questions to the forum.

New alerts shortcode

I’ve introduced a new shortcode [kbalert] to display alerts / informative messages. This is similar to how Bootstrap allows you to display alerts and uses the same colour scheme as Bootstrap v4.

The plugin is designed to automatically add the Knowledge Base styles on the page where the shortcode is used across your WordPress blog.

The shortcode takes three parameters:

  • type: used to indicate the type of alert. By default, the plugin will add styles for the various alerts below
  • class: additional classes separated by spaces (preferred) or commas. By default, the plugin will add wzkb-alert (always present) and alert (overwritten by this shortcode attribute)
  • text: optional text that you include here will be added before the content wrapped in the shortcode
Alert shortcodes in WebberZone Knowledge Base
Alert shortcodes in WebberZone Knowledge Base

Example code to display an alert / informative text is:

[[kbalert type="primary" class="more classes"]]Some Text Here[[/kbalert]]

New Output options

In the settings page under the Output tab, you will find two new options to customise the output.

The first option will allow you to include the sidebar of your theme in the knowledge base. This only works on the default templates included in the plugin. Only include this if your theme doesn’t automatically call the sidebar. You might also need to make changes to the styles depending on the theme.

The second option allows you to also include empty sections in the knowledge base listings. This is useful if you are setting up your knowledge base and want to show the various sections that they knowledge base will contain.

Changes in Knowledge Base v1.7.0

  • Features:
    • New shortcode [kbalert] to display alerts / informative messages similar to Bootstrap. The types of alerts are primary, secondary, success, danger, warning, info, light and dark
    • New Output option to display empty sections
    • New option to display the sidebar with the default templates
  • Bug fixes:
    • Checkboxes on the admin page will now properly indicate their status for new options that aren’t saved yet

Download Knowledge Base v1.7.0

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