Top 10 v2.8.0

I’ve released Top 10 v2.8.0 to the WordPress repository today. This release brings two major features.

Custom feed

Top 10 now includes a custom feed for the popular posts – both overall and custom period (daily). This allows users to sign up for your popular feeds or for you to offer this via an automatic newsletter.

Top 10 v2.8.0 - Feed settings
Top 10 v2.8.0 – Feed settings

You can set the permalink for the custom feed. Remember to refresh permalinks when you do so – or save the settings page twice. Other options is to change the number of days of the custom period or the number of posts to display in the feed.

Network-wide popular posts

Another new feature added in Top 10 v2.8.0 is the ability for network admins to view the popular posts across the entire network. This only applies for multi-site installations of WordPress of course.

Top 10 v2.8.0 - Network-wide popular posts
Top 10 v2.8.0 – Network-wide popular posts

You can find it in the Top 10 menu under the Network Admin Dashboard.

All changes in Top 10 v2.8.0

  • Features:
    • Custom feed for popular posts: Find new options under a new tab called Feed in the settings page where you can set the URL for the overall and daily feeds
    • New page in the network admin menu to view the popular posts across the network
    • Also delete transients and other settings on uninstall

Download Top 10

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