Related Posts by Categories and Tags v1.6.0

I’ve released v1.6.0 of Related Posts by Categories and Tags. This will be the penultimate (or maybe even final) version of this plugin and prepares it for Contextual Related Posts v3.0.0.

This plugin has a few bug fixes and minor improvements as detailed below. I have also renamed a few options and made minor description changes to make this a bit cleaner and easier to understand.

Contextual Related Posts v3.0.0 will incorporate all the settings of this plugin. Additionally, the plugin will check for the version of Contextual Related Posts and only apply its settings below v3.0.0. If it detects Contextual Related Posts v3.0.0, it will try to migrate its settings to those of Contextual Related Posts.

Changes in v1.6.0

  • Enhancements:
    • Exclude on categories uses the short circuit filter introduced in Contextual Related Posts v2.9.0
    • Use $args instead of global $crp_settings for all filters
  • Bug fixes:
    • Use crp_get_settings instead of crp_read_options

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