WebberZone Followed Posts v3.1.0 – A Major Update

I am happy to announce the release of WebberZone Followed Posts v3.1.0, a major update that brings many new features and improvements to the plugin. WebberZone Followed Posts is a WordPress plugin that displays a list of posts that your visitors have viewed recently on your site. It helps you to increase engagement and reduce bounce rate by showing relevant content to your readers.

This version is a complete rewrite of the plugin to use classes and autoloading, which makes the code more organized and efficient (at least for me!). Here are some of the highlights of this release:

New block for the block editor

You can now easily add the followed posts list to any post or page using the new block. You can find it under widgets or by searching for “followed posts” or “where did they go from here” in the block inserter. The block has all the options that you can find in the widget and shortcode, such as title, limit, etc.

New functions and shortcode

The plugin now uses get_wfp() and the_wfp() functions instead of get_wherego() and echo_wherego(). The latter two will still work but they will throw deprecated notices.

Similarly, the plugin now uses [wfp] shortcode instead of [wherego]. The old shortcode will continue to work but it is recommended that you replace it with the new one.

The new functions and shortcode have the same parameters as the old ones, so you can easily switch to them without changing anything else.

New tools page

You can find a new tools page under Tools > WFP Tools in your WordPress dashboard. From there, you can import or export your plugin settings and clear the cache. The import/export feature allows you to backup your settings or transfer them to another site. The clear cache feature allows you to delete all the cached data that the plugin stores in your database.

WebberZone Followed Posts v3.1 – Tools page

Caching enabled by default

In addition to these features, this version also enables caching by default for new installs and if you reset the settings. This will improve the performance of the plugin and reduce the load on your server. The plugin uses a smart caching mechanism that updates the cache whenever a post is viewed, updated, or deleted.

Bug fix

Moreover, this version fixes a bug that caused a PHP warning if a post was not found. This could happen if a post was deleted or moved to trash after it was viewed by a visitor. The plugin now checks if the post exists before displaying it in the list.

You can download WebberZone Followed Posts v3.1.0 from the WordPress plugin repository or update it from your WordPress dashboard. You can also check out the GitHub repository if you want to contribute to the development of the plugin or report any issues. For more information, please visit the knowledge base articles.

I hope you enjoy this update and find it useful for your site. Please let me know what you think in the comments below or by leaving a review on the plugin page. Thank you for using WebberZone Followed Posts!

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