Contextual Related Posts v2.9.3

I’ve pushed through Contextual Related Posts v2.9.3 into the WordPress repository and you should be able to download/update the plugin from your WordPress admin dashboard.

This release has been designed to improve compatibility for addon plugins or functions designed to tap into the query filters. e.g. a new update I have planned for Related Posts by Categories and Tags will tap into these filters to enhance the widget, shortcodes, etc. of Contextual Related Posts.

mySQL FULLTEXT indices

On activation, the plugin creates three mySQL FULLTEXT indices (or indexes) that are then used to find the related posts in the *_posts. These are for post_content, post_title and (post_title,post_content). If you’re running a multisite installation, then this is created for each of the blogs on activation. All these indices occupy space in your mySQL database but are essential for the plugin to run.

You have two sets of options in the settings page which allows you to remove these indices when you deactivate or delete the plugin. The latter is true by default. These are set for each site of a multisite install.

All changes in v2.9.3

  • Features:
    • New constant CRP_VERSION to hold the current version of the plugin
    • New setting to delete FULLTEXT indices on deactivation
  • Enhancements:
    • Added the $args attribute to the filters in main-query.php

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