Better Search v2.5.0

I’ve uploaded Better Search v2.5.0 into the WordPress repository. This version brings a new import/export interface under tools and tonnes of enhancements and bug-fixes. I’ve also rewritten and refactored several parts of the codebase to make it more versatile and easier to understand. Additionally from this version, the minimum WordPress version required for Better Search is 4.9 which was released in late 2017.

New Export/Import settings section

You can find this under Better Search > Tools. This section allows you to export the settings to a .json file. You can then import them into another blog. Or alternatively use this section in case you would like to change the settings and want a quick backup of them before you do so.

Better Search v2.5.0 Export-Import settings
Better Search v2.5.0 Export-Import settings

New color picker

Better Search v2.5.0 Color Picker
Better Search v2.5.0 Color Picker

I have replaced jscolor with the native WordPress color picker. The difference between this and jscolor is that the setting now must include the #. In case you notice any issues with the heatmap colours then I suggest saving the settings page. Additionally, I’ve also implemented three new filters that allows you to customise the style (bsearch_heatmap_style), class (bsearch_heatmap_class) and title (bsearch_heatmap_title) of the tags within the heatmap.

Code auto-complete

Following in line with my other plugins, I’ve implemented CodeMirror for the Custom CSS box the styles tab in Better Search settings. When entering the CSS, you will also have some error checking as well as code completion.

Better Search v2.5.0 Styles Settings
Better Search v2.5.0 Styles Settings

Changes in Better Search v2.5.3

  • Bug fixes:
    • Security fix
    • Variable fix for LIMIT clause

Changes in Better Search v2.5.2

  • Bug fixes:
    • Password protected posts will no longer show the excerpt but a default message

Changes in Better Search v2.5.1

  • Bug fixes:
    • Custom CSS box was not saved when saving settings

All changes in Better Search v2.5.0

  • Features:
    • New section under Better Search » Tools to export and import settings. Best option if you’d like the same configuration across multiple WordPress sites
  • Enhancements:
    • If thumbnails are enabled on search results page with seamless mode off, the plugin will search for multiple option in addition to the post thumbnail
    • Admin scripts are no longer loaded into the head – but using a separate JavaScript file
    • Implemented CodeMirror to format custom styles box
    • Replaced jscolor with WordPress color picker
    • New filters to modify the style, class, title
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed notices in PHP 7.4 when viewing popular searches listings
    • Link to Better Search plugin page was not nofollow

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