Better Search v2.3.0

I’ve released v2.3.0 of Better Search. This version includes a few tweaks under the hood and one new option that you can find under the Search tab in the settings page.

Disable Aggressive Search

By default, Better Search will try to find results for any search term. This only happens when you have Seamless mode OFF.

This includes using the default natural language search, then a BOOLEAN search and finally a simple LIKE based search. However, this might not be everyone’s preference and now you can disable this.

Disable Aggressive Search in Better Search v2.3.0

When you select the option and you have Seamless mode OFF, the plugin will only search for results using the default settings – this should give you the same set of results with Seamless mode ON or OFF.

More CSS classes and an updated HTML markup

I have updated the HTML markup that is generated in the search page with Seamless mode off. This has been designed to give you more classes to style your posts. You can view the sample markup in the gist below.

All changes in Better Search v2.3.0

  • Features:
    • New option to disable aggressive searching when no results are found
  • Enhancements:
    • HTML markup for the search results page when seamless mode is OFF has been rewritten with several new classes. View example markup
  • Bug fixes:
    • WHERE clause will be the same with Seamless mode ON or OFF
    • The plugin will only force BOOLEAN mode if no results are found and this wasn’t already enabled

Download Better Search v2.3.0

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