Auto-Close v2.1.0

I have released Auto-Close v2.1.0 in the WordPress repository. This new release brings additional features to better manage the number of revisions. As usual, you can download the latest version from within your WordPress dashboard. New users can install this from the Plugins page of their WordPress admin area.

With this release, I’m completed moving this plugin under the WebberZone umbrella. This was the last plugin to be moved over and you view the list of plugins here.

Revisions tab

Auto-Close v2.5.1 - Revisions
Auto-Close v2.5.1 – Revisions

I’ve introduced a new Revisions tab in the Settings page and moved the Delete posts revisions option under there. In addition to that, for each of the post types, you will see a text box that will allow you to set the maximum number of revisions for that post type.

By default, the setting will be -2 which means Auto-Close will not enforce any revisions. However, setting it to -1 will force WordPress to store every revision. 0 forces no revisions to be stored and any number greater than 0 sets the maximum number of revisions to be stored.

Auto-Close enforces these settings very late in the page load process which means that it is likely that it will override any other plugin attempting to limit revisions.

Delete revisions

Auto-Close v2.5.1 - Delete revisions
Auto-Close v2.5.1 – Delete revisions

Changing the above settings will not automatically delete older revisions. I’ve added a new button in the Tools page to bulk delete all your older revisions.

Download Auto-Close WordPress Plugin

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