Top 10 v2.4.4

I’ve uploaded Top 10 v2.4.4 this week that fixes some bugs and a potential security issue. Please make sure you upgrade the plugin and use the latest version asap.

As always, you can seek support in the forums.

In other notes, I noticed today that the plugin has now crossed over 400k downloads. It’s still being used on 30,000+ sites so I see a good scope of work. As always, am happy to hear your thoughts on how to make this better.

Detailed changelog


  • Enhancements:
    • Changed tracker type to Query based for better compatibility
  • Bug fixes:
    • Security fix: Potential SQL injection vulnerability. Reported by DefenseCode ThunderScan
    • Revisions no longer displayed in the “View Popular Posts” screen in admin area


  • Bug fixes:
    • Fatal error when running PHP 7.1.x