Contextual Related Posts v2.6.0

Contextual Related Posts v2.6.0 is now available for download from the repository. This version has been focused on implementing the Settings API. With this update, all my plugins have the same look and feel in the admin area. The Settings API also allows addon plugins to easily extend the settings as can be seen with the update to Related Posts by Categories and Tags (previously CRP Taxonomy).

Settings API

The Contextual Related Posts settings page now has a tabbed interface. Once upgraded, the plugin should automatically import your old settings. However, there might be the case that settings are not properly upgraded. So, please do verify that your settings have properly been upgraded by checking each tab. If you hit the “Reset all settings” button at the bottom of this screen, it should reimport the old settings.

Contextual Related Posts v2.6.0 - Getting options
Contextual Related Posts v2.6.0 – Getting options

Tools interface

The plugin now has a new Tools interface that has several buttons. Some of the buttons of the old interface have been moved to this page. The button to delete the cache has now been moved here.

Contextual Related Posts v2.6.0 - Tools
Contextual Related Posts v2.6.0 – Tools

You’ll also find the necessary code to create the mySQL FULLTEXT indices in case the plugin isn’t able to do this via the WordPress interface.

You can delete the old settings by visiting the Tools page. Once you delete these settings, the plugin will alway reset the options to the defaults as I’ve programmed them.

Changes in Contextual Related Posts v2.6.0

  • Features:
    • Implemented the Settings API for handling plugin settings
    • New Tools page: Recreate the indices, delete the cache and delete old settings
  • Enhancements:
    • widget_title filter includes $instance and id_base variables
  • Bug fixes:
    • Checked for non-zero thumbnail width and height in the widget
    • More checks for PHP errors and notices

Download Contextual Related Posts v2.6.0