Contextual Related Posts v2.5.1

I’ve just released Contextual Related Posts v2.5.1. This release primarily fixes a few bugs and has a few minor modifications that make this plugin better.

Disable thumbnail generation

By default, if you selected the custom size as one of the options, the plugin would register the size with WordPress to create thumbnails for newly uploaded images. Choosing another option would disable this generation.

However, in cases where the user had disabled any kind of thumbnail generation, the plugin would default to the custom size and then create its own images.

Now you have a new option to explicitly disable the generation of thumbnails. Deselecting the option in the screenshot below or choosing anything other than custom size will stop any thumbnails being generated.

Contextual Related Posts v2.2.1 - Disable thumbnail generation
Contextual Related Posts v2.5.1 – Disable thumbnail generation

Changes in Contextual Related Posts v2.5.1

  • Features:
    • New option to disable creation of thumbnails
  • Enhancements:
    • Do not delete index on activation
    • crp_thumbnail image size will set the default crop option to true if not already set
  • Bug fixes:
    • Missing/Unknown PHP errors/warnings in the widget
    • Minor CSS fixes