Admin in CRP Taxonomy Tools v1.3.0

I’ve pushed through a much pending release of CRP Taxonomy Tools which is an add-on for Contextual Related Posts. If you’ve been using Contextual Related Posts and need the extra bit of relevancy based on tags and categories then this plugin is for you. The latest release has an additional tweak where you can now choose to match… Read More

I’ve just pushed through the latest version of Knowledgebase. This version of the plugin has some minor fixes in the CSS which make the layout more presentable and aligned (Provided by Colinsp) Additionally, I’ve also added a brand new set of options that will allow you to include Knowledgebase articles in your main blog feed and… Read More

I’ve uploaded Top 10 v2.4.4 this week that fixes some bugs and a potential security issue. Please make sure you upgrade the plugin and use the latest version asap. As always, you can seek support in the forums. In other notes, I noticed today that the plugin has now crossed over 400k downloads. It’s still being used… Read More

A few days back I pushed through an update of Knowledgebase v1.3.0. Knowledgebase is my relatively new plugin that I released last year when building WebberZone. It’s designed to be very simple to use to set up your own Knowledgebase. The latest release incorporates a very important uninstall feature. You can now choose to delete… Read More

Following close on the heels of Top 10 v2.4.x, I’ve pushed through an update to my most widely used plugin. Contextual Related Posts v2.3.0 brings several new features and enhancements, tonnes of bug fixes and several tweaks under the hood for cleaner code in line with WordPress Coding Standards. Existing users can upgrade the plugin… Read More

I’ve been working on Top 10 v2.4.0 for a long time where the main focus of this release has been to get a more compatible tracker. Today, I’m happy to say that I have pushed through the release and you can now upgrade your favourite popular posts plugin as you normally would from within your… Read More

Two days back, the plugins team at informed me of a potential CSRF vulnerability in one of the files in the admin area. As a result this plugin was taken offline while I fixed this release. As part of this review, they highlighted a further incompatibility in the plugin, particularly in the external PHP/JS… Read More

I pushed through a major update of Top 10 – Popular Posts plugin for WordPress yesterday. It’s been over development for the past several months and adds many new features and fixes a huge number of bugs. Existing users should be able to upgrade directly from within your Dashboard > Updates screen in your WordPress… Read More

I’ve released v1.2.0 of Knowledgebase, my newest WordPress plugin that allows you to easily add an FAQ or knowledgebase to your WordPress blog. This is definitely a must have if you’re a business selling any products. Settings page This version adds a much needed settings page that allows you to change the slug of the… Read More

Better Search

Better Search just got a bit better with v2.1.0 which I just pushed to the repository. This version adds a few new features, adds several more filters and also has a minor bug fix. Cache enable / disable option A few versions back, I implemented using transients within Better Search to cache search queries.… Read More