Top 10 v2.5.7

I’ve pushed through Top 10 v2.5.7 which has been long pending while I found time to fix a few bugs and clean up different pieces of code.  The latest version of Top 10 is now available to download from the WordPress repository. Current users should be able to upgrade directly. As always, check your settings and verify outputs after you have upgraded.

If you’re looking for support, create a new post in the support forum.

Code to recreate Primary Key

This has been an issue plaguing a few installs since a previous update attempted to fix missing primary keys. For some installs, users have continued to report that the primary keys are either missing or the button doesn’t work. You can now find the code to run in phpMyAdmin or Adminer or your favourite mySQL program to delete and recreate the primary key.

As always please backup your database before making any changes to it.

Top 10 v2.5.7 - PRIMARY KEY

Changes in Top 10 v2.5.7

  • Enhancements:
    • Tools page now has the code to Recreate the PRIMARY KEY in case the button gives an error. You will need to run this in phpMyAdmin or Adminer
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed translation of ” by ” which had the incorrect text domain
    • Post types to include selects “post” in case no option is selected
    • Unchecking all boxes of a “Display number of views on” setting would sometimes pick the default value