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Privacy and Security when receiving Support

Sometimes, when you request support, WebberZone might need to request access to your website. This access is intended to check your site and suggest solutions.

What should you do first

Before you give us access, please make sure that you take a complete backup of your site. This includes both the database and all your files.

We will also require you to install the Query Monitor plugin. This plugin will enable us to study the queries generated by the plugin.

We strongly suggest creating a staging site so that any changes can be made to this rather than any production site.

What WebberZone Support might do to your site

Unless you give us specific instructions, WebberZone Support will only observe your site and will not make any changes directly. If we notice something wrong, we will explain this to you and ask your permission to make the necessary changes. Note that any changes made to your site could have unexpected results, which is why we require you to confirm that you’re website is backed up.

Confidentiality of Your Credentials and Content

WebberZone Support will never pass your credentials or content to anyone else. If we identify a problem that only occurs on your site and which will require us to make a copy for development purposes, we will let you know in advance. We will only make a copy if you give us the permission to do so. Once we are done with this, we will delete this copy. This can be avoided if you give us access to a staging site.

Under no circumstances will we expose any of your site’s data or share it with anyone else. We will treat your site as we treat our own sites.

Temporary login details

We will require access to your WP Admin. Please create a unique administrator account for WebberZone Support and share with us the login details.

In some cases we might also require access to the plugin files and also the database. In these cases, you will need to be able to generate temporary credentials for us which would include FTP access and access to phpMyAdmin or similar.

When we finish troubleshooting your account, please delete the accounts that you have created for us.

How to Pass Private Information

Please do not post any private details in the forums. This should only be sent to us via our official email address. Information you provide to us via email is only accessible to WebberZone Support.

Questions or concerns?

Remember that WebberZone Support will only ask you for these details to help debug your site. If you have any concerns, please do take your time to consider this. If you have any questions, please use the general support form.