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Top 10 v3.1.3

I am pleased to announce that Top 10 v3.1.0 is now available for download. This release comes 10 months after v3.0.0 and existing users can upgrade the plugin from within their WordPress dashboards.

This version brings several new features, lots of optimisations and enhancements and a large number of bug fixes. If you have any support queries or want to report any bugs, please create a new post in the support forum.

New exclusion settings

You will find two new settings under the Posts list tab in the Settings page.

Top 10 v3.1.0 - Exclusion settings
Top 10 v3.1.0 – Exclusion settings

Exclude current post will, as the name suggests, exclude the post that is currently being viewed from the popular posts list. This allows you to display “Other popular posts” and avoid the post linking to itself.

Exclude on Categories will turn off the display of the popular posts when a user visits a post in the specified category or is browsing the category archives.

In addition to these, you can also pass two additional parameters exclude_on_post_ids_list and exclude_on_post_types which are experimental features that allow you to disable the popular posts from being displayed on specific IDs or post types. Pass them as a comma separated list.

Upgraded Gutenberg block

Top 10 v3 introduced a block for the block editor. However, the block editor has been evolving so quickly, that it was soon outdated. With the introduction of full site editing in WordPress 5.9, I felt it’s time to upgrade this block. You won’t see any changes as a user, but behind the scenes, this block now uses the latest code.

Optimised Left Thumbs style

In preparation for the next set of changes to the block, I have also modified the HTML output and the left thumbnails style. The CSS is now more specific for this style vs being generic. You will need to clear all caches ideally as the HTML and styles have been modified.

In particular, the CSS class for this style has been changed to tptn-left-thumbs and I’ll be using this format going forward for the various different styles that I plan to add to this plugin.

Complete list of changes in Top 10 v3.1

Version 3.1.3

  • Bug fixes:
    • Updated moment.min.js
    • Fixed PHP errors when editing a post in Gutenberg

Version 3.1.2

Bug fix: Parse errors in admin.php fixed

Version 3.1.0

  • Features:
    • New filter tptn_show_meta_box that can be set to false to disable the Top 10 meta box on Edit screens
    • New option to exclude the current post from the list
    • New option “Exclude on Categories” to disable the display of the popular posts on selected categories
  • Enhancements/Modifications:
    • Optimised import of tables particularly for larger imports
    • Added wpml-config.xml file that will allow settings to be translated with WPML and PolyLang
    • Upgraded block to the latest API
    • Upgraded thumbnail display. If default image is disabled, then the site icon will be displayed if available
    • Admin dashboard counts match with the Popular posts listings
    • Updated chartjs to the latest version
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed PHP notice on widgets.php page due to the block
    • Widget checkboxes are not saved in WordPress 5.8
    • post__in argument will now remove any false/0 values
    • Disabling/enabling author tracking didn’t always work
    • WP Multisite: Creating a new blog with automatically configure the plugin
    • Widget incorrectly included all post types when no post types were selected instead of using the global settings
    • Current post was incorrectly excluded when translation functions were run

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