I have released version 2.2.4 of Better Search (v2.2.3 was a short release) which fixes one very important security issue that was reported by Ryan Dewhurst. Another key change in this release is the use of query variables and ajax to track the searches as well as some hardening across all PHP files. If you’re… Read More

I’ve just uploaded Better Search v2.2.2 into the WordPress repository which means you should have this available in your dashboards to update. This is only a bug-fix release and fixes two bugs. I’ve also cleaned up some code to be more compatible with WPCS. The biggest change is that searching for phrases should now be… Read More

I’ve pushed through a minor update of Better Search v2.2.1. This is mainly a bug-fix release as detailed below. Additionally, I’ve also cleaned up a lot of the plugin code in line with the WordPress Coding Standards 2.0.0. As usual, if you require support, please create a new post in the forums. Exiting users should… Read More

Better Search just got a bit better with v2.1.0 which I just pushed to the WordPress.org repository. This version adds a few new features, adds several more filters and also has a minor bug fix. Cache enable / disable option A few versions back, I implemented using transients within Better Search to cache search queries.… Read More