I have uploaded the latest version (v1.4.0) of CRP Taxonomy Tools into the WordPress.org repository. The plugin is now called Related Posts by Categories and Tags to better reflect its purpose.

The main update to v1.4.0 is compatibility with Contextual Related Posts v2.6.0 which introduced the new Settings API driven admin interface.

v1.4.0 is also compatible with the older versions of Contextual Related Posts, but it will add some notices to your Admin interface encouraging you to upgrade.

Changes in Related Posts by Categories and Tags v1.4.0

  • Enhancements:
    • Upgrade the plugin for the new Settings API in Contextual Related Posts v2.6.0
    • Add a notice in the admin page if Contextual Related Posts v2.6.0 and above is not installed
  • Deprecated:
    • Old settings interface – crpt_crp_default_options, crpt_save_options, crt_general_options, crt_tuning_options

Download Related Posts by Categories and Tags v1.4.0