Contextual Related Posts

I’ve uploaded Contextual Related Posts v2.2.1 to the repository. This is mainly a bug fix release that fixes a few bugs introduced in v2.2.0 released two days back. The main bugs fixed in this release are: “No styles” would not get selected if “Rounded thumbnails’ was enabled “Recreate Index” caused a fatal error: Call… Read More

This is the first plugin release post on this blog and official announcement that Contextual Related Posts is now officially under the banner of WebberZone. I’m pleased to announce that v2.2.0 of Contextual Related Posts is now available via the plugin repository. v2.2.0 brings a multitude of new features, some plugin enhancements and a… Read More

A couple of weeks back, while putting together this site, I started searching around for some good plugins that would help me put together a knowledgebase for the documentation site that will form an integral part of this website. After a fair amount of digging, I couldn’t find anything that really clicked. And so, as… Read More

Welcome to WebberZone. WebberZone is the new home of Ajay‘s plugins. The first phase will feature Contextual Related Posts and Top 10, which are the two most popular plugins used on tens of thousands of WordPress blogs all over the world wide web and together hold neary 700k downloads at this point in time. WebberZone… Read More