Caching Setting in Knowledge Base v1.8.0

I’ve released Knowledge Base v1.8.0 for WordPress. This version includes one major enhancement – an inbuilt caching system. Existing users can update the plugin directly from their WordPress dashboard. New users can follow these simple instructions to find and install the plugin. As usual, if you’re looking for help or support, please create a new… Read More

Contextual Related Posts

I have uploaded v2.7.0 of Contextual Related Posts into the WordPress repository and you should be able to update or install this from within your WordPress dashboard. As usual, if you have any questions or need support, please make a new post in the support forums. Caching changes Contextual Related Posts has included a caching… Read More

Better Search

I’ve released v2.3.0 of Better Search. This version includes a few tweaks under the hood and one new option that you can find under the Search tab in the settings page. Disable Aggressive Search By default, Better Search will try to find results for any search term. This only happens when you have Seamless mode… Read More

Top 10 v2.7.0 - Import Export Interface

One of the features that I was keen on adding into the plugin is an interface to import and export the data from the Top 10 tables as well as plugin settings. I’m excited about this release as it finally gives users of Top 10 the ability to more easily deploy the plugin across multiple… Read More

Contextual Related Posts

I’ve uploaded v2.6.3 of Contextual Related Posts and this should now be available for download/update from your WordPress dashboard. This is mainly a bug-fix release. If you have any questions or need support, raise a new ticket in the Support forum. Changes to Contextual Related Posts v2.6.3 Enhancements: Optimized versions of default.png and default2.png Bug… Read More

This is a bug-fix release that I just pushed into the repository. You should be able to update your plugin directly from within your WordPress Dashboard. Please raise any support tickets in the WordPress forum. Changes in Top 10 v2.6.3 Enhancements: tptn_get_first_image filter has additional attributes $image_attributes[0], $postid, $thumb_width, $thumb_height Bug fixes: Reverted PolyLang… Read More

Grid style in WebberZone Followed Posts v2.3.0

WebberZone Followed Posts v2.3.0 is now available for download/update. Existing users should be able to update from within their WordPress dashboard. As usual, when updating, please make sure that you double check your settings. New inbuilt style This version brings a new setting under the Styles tab that lets you select the new inbuilt “Grid… Read More

Related Posts by Categories and Tags - General settings

I have uploaded the latest version (v1.4.0) of CRP Taxonomy Tools into the repository. The plugin is now called Related Posts by Categories and Tags to better reflect its purpose. The main update to v1.4.0 is compatibility with Contextual Related Posts v2.6.0 which introduced the new Settings API driven admin interface. v1.4.0 is also… Read More

Contextual Related Posts v2.6.0 - Getting options

Contextual Related Posts v2.6.0 is now available for download from the repository. This version has been focused on implementing the Settings API. With this update, all my plugins have the same look and feel in the admin area. The Settings API also allows addon plugins to easily extend the settings as can be seen… Read More