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Better Search v3.1.0

I’ve released Better Search v3.1.0. This version includes a lot of small changes to bring a much better experience for you and your users. It also fixes several bugs, some of which were introduced in Better Search v3.0.0.

As always, please raise all support queries in the support forum for Better Search.

Highlighting enhancements

In Better Search v3.0.0, search terms were highlighted on both the search results page as well as when users clicked through the search results. In v3.1.0, you will find a new option called Highlight followed links, where you can turn off this feature.

Additionally, the plugin no longer relies on adding query variables to the links, but instead uses the referer field to smartly figure out the search term.

I plan to increase this feature to also highlight search terms from external search engines like Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo.

Changes in Better Search v3.1.0

  • Features:
    • New filter bsearch_template_query_args in the default template to modify arguments array passed to Better_Search_Query
    • New option Highlight followed links: if enabled, the plugin will highlight the search terms on posts/pages when visits them from the search results page
    • the_bsearch_excerpt() will now show the relevant part of the excerpt where applicable by default. You can override the arguments by filtering the_bsearch_excerpt_args
  • Enhancements/modifications:
    • New argument show_post_types for get_bsearch_form() set as default to false. Arguments can be modified by overriding the filter bsearch_form_args
    • Highlighting now uses the referer and no longer requires a special query variable
  • Bug fixes:
    • Post thumbnail size was ignored by the_bsearch_post_thumbnail
    • HTML entities were displayed instead of being processed
    • Show credit displayed twice
    • post_type arguments were incorrectly processed when empty
    • PHP error in Better_Search::set_topscore()
    • Resetting settings caused an infinite loop

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