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Auto-Close v2.2.0

I’m happy to announce that I have released a new version of Auto-Close. Auto-Close v2.2.0 is now available to download via the repository.

This is one of my least used plugins which is why this release comes more than two years since the last one. The biggest changes are behind the scene.

Upgraded settings to the WebberZone Settings_API class

I’ve been working on a wrapper for WordPress settings API which allows plugin authors to easily add settings of multiple different types easily. The best testing ground has been some of my lesser used plugins to avoid major disruption to the larger ones.

With this version of Auto-Close, I now have v2.1.0 of the Settings_API class in use. Existing users should not see any changes to their current settings or way things work, but please do flag and let me know should you notice any anomalies.

Updated comment count on deleting pingbacks/trackbacks

One useful feature within the plugin’s Tools page is the ability for a user to delete all pingbacks/trackbacks with the click of a button. This is an irreversible change. Now when you hit the button, the plugin will also loop through the various posts from which these have been deleted and update the comment count so you don’t need any other plugins to clean up post deletion.

Tools page link moved

You can now find a link to the Tools page under the Tools menu in your WordPress admin area. You also have a big button in the settings page that allows you to navigate between pages should you so please.

Download Auto-Close WordPress Plugin

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